Setup The Wallet


The MultiMillionaire Token is exclusively listed on the WAVES Cryptocurrency Platform. This guide will show you how to setup your wallet so that you can receive the MultiMillionaire Token.


A Desktop, Laptop, or Tablet computer is HIGHLY recommended for these instructions. Although there is an App for Mobile, these instructions are meant for a larger screen using an Internet Browser.

Create a New WAVES Account

Go to the following website:

Click on the “Sign Up” button at the top right of the window.

Select “Software.”

Create a strong password, which will be used ONLY for the device you are creating the new account. Using a service like Secure Password Generator is HIGHLY recommended.

Create a blank text file (using NotePad, TextEdit, Google Docs, or any text editor of your choice) and store the password in a safe place.

Accept the Terms and Conditions, and click Create Account.

Five randomly-created avatars will be shown for you to choose from. Each avatar is associated with a unique WAVES address.

Choose an avatar, then click the Copy button to the right of the address shown, and Paste it into a file (hopefully the same one you should have stored the password in).

Also, immediately e-mail Charles@MultiMillionaire.LLC this WAVES address you copied to receive your MultiMillionaire Tokens Due.

Then click “Continue.”

Enter any Account Name you wish, then click “Continue.”

Your account is now created. The main page for the WAVES Exchange is shown. Before you do ANYTHING, look at the lower left of the screen and click the “Save” link in the section that says, “Save your seed phrase.”

A modal with your seed phrase will appear. Click the “Copy to clipboard” button and save the seed phrase to your file containing your password and your WAVES address.

This step is ABSOLUTELY crucial: if you lose this seed phrase, you will forever lose access to this WAVES account (and, subsequently, any cryptocurrencies you have accrued).

When finished, click the “I’ve written it down” button to return to the main page.

That’s it for the Setup portion. The instructions to transact your MultiMillionaire Tokens are coming soon.