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The Truth About Social Proof

Have you ever heard a Presenter say, “I don’t need to grow my audience?” To most, that would be absurd. All of the top Presenters, Coaches, Facilitators, Speakers, and Trainers around the world fully embrace the concept of Social Proof. First coined in 1984 by Robert Caldini in his book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, think of Social Proof simply as taking the necessary actions to convince someone to say, “Yes.”

Let’s look at Social Proof from the aspect of an Event Planner / Coordinator who is looking for a Presenter to hire. On LinkedIn, there are over 2.2 Million English-speaking Presenters total. Now let’s say they are searching on LinkedIn for a Presenter who is an expert on Emotional Intelligence. That narrows the search results down to 41,000 total. To make matters worse, LinkedIn will only return the first 1,000 results, separated into 100 pages of 10 results each. The Event Planner / Coordinator does not have time to go through them all; but what factors would stand out from the search results?

Before we answer that question, let’s also look at Social Proof from the aspect of LinkedIn. If a Professional Presenter created a brand new profile that only had the phrase “Emotional Intelligence” in their headline (and no other content), what do you think is the probability that they would show up on the first page of the search results? We all know the answer – ZERO – they would be result # 41,001. So then what factors would significantly increase their chances of getting closer to the top of the search results?

The top three answers to both questions are the same: Content Presentation, Engagement, and Following. Let’s say you are the one with a brand new profile, and the first piece of content you post is a high-quality, professionally-shot video that showcases your talent. You open up your CRM / contact manager and begin connecting with 100 professionals who can attest to your ability and expertise. Some of them will look at your profile, and engage with your fresh content with Reactions (Likes, etc), Comments, and/or Shares (this is Inbound Engagement). Guess what? You’re no longer # 41,001. But you’re also still not #1.

It’s time to start thinking about Outbound Engagement. Whether you take the time to scan through your feed, or you search for people / groups / posts of interest, you engage with others with Follows, Reactions, Comments, and / or Shares.

Now, here’s the absolute BRILLIANCE of LinkedIn: Every time you engage with someone (and hopefully you know NOT to do so anonymously), not only do they receive a notification of EVERY engagement, but so also does your following.

Ready for the big kicker?

For every TEN LinkedIn profiles that you initiate Outbound Engagement with, at least ONE of them is going to look at your profile. And if what they initially see on your profile is engaging, they will not only reciprocate the engagement, but they will also most likely follow and / or connect with you. Furthermore, with the increase of overall interaction, algorithmically your chances of being shown closer to the top of the search results drastically increases.

For those of you who want to “Do-It-Yourself,” MultiMillionaire created a LinkedIn Digital Strategy (LIDS) to help you navigate the Do’s and Don’ts of creating a highly-engaging LinkedIn profile.

But who wants to spend 24 hours a day, 7 days a week initiating Outbound Engagement with others? NO ONE. That’s why MultiMillionaire created the Growth Accelerator Pro|Plus|Premier suite of services.

Let’s pause for a moment so you can get your mind blown…

99% of those who read this post have been engaged by MultiMillionaire’s Growth Accelerator services. We are connected (and subsequently, you landed here) as a result of an Outbound Engagement initiated by a mix of the three various service levels below.

The Pro service level builds Social Proof by initiating Outbound Engagement 24/7. It takes nearly 200 of the most popular, non-polarizing English-language hashtags, Likes the 25 most recent posts for each hashtag, and if possible, Follows the author of each post. This non-targeted approach rapidly grows your global following, as well as exposes your content for reciprocated engagement.

The Plus service level adds one targeted audience to the Pro service. The targeted audience can be changed each month. You will use LinkedIn People Search to filter and define your target audience with a maximum of 1,000 results (it will take the entire month to interact with them all).

The Premier service level adds ninety (90) minutes of live consultation that could be used towards the development of Custom Services. Maybe you want to be the first to engage with an influencer every time they post. The possibilities are endless.

Interested? Head to the Overview Page to learn more about the outcomes with each service level, and feel free to Contact Us with any questions or concerns.

And, most importantly, THANK YOU for your interest.

With Gratitude,
Charles “cp3o” Parks, III