New Year's Day, 2021

Bowling Ball Beach - Point Arena, California, USA

Founders Class Invitation

Hey fam, this is Charles “cp3o” Parks, III. If you have received this invitation from me, I want you to be the first to participate in my latest venture, MultiMillionaire, LLC.

First, some history about my past ventures. My very first company was called TechEnsemble. As the name implies, TechEnsemble focused only on Technology. I wanted to add Media offerings, so I created a company called cp3o (a play on my initials). After creating cp3o, I built some new tech to help automate digital marketing, which ultimately created some new Strategy offerings as well. In 2021, I worked for the first ten days of the year focused strictly on Cryptocurrency (and did VERY well, as most of you know).

How well, you may ask? $1,074,387.57 in revenue for 2021

Needless to say, since I still wanted to “break even” by the end of the year, there was A LOT of “business” travel involved. I also made sure everyone in my primary circle was financially straight.

My latest venture, MultiMillionaire, is about helping others to attain, and maintain, a seven-plus-figure lifestyle. I will be leveraging everything I have learned over 43 years on this Earth to help others reach their fullest potential. But before I publicly execute this venture, I want to start with a very select, small circle of family, friends, and professionals I have came into contact over the years.

The primary offering of MultiMillionaire is a subscription service called MultiMillionaire Mentality. This US$ 10 per month subscription will be required of all MultiMillionaire clients and partners, and will be the only way to access any of my consulting services moving forward. The only exception will be those who have been recurring clients of cp3o for more than 12 months.

MultiMillionaire Mentality will focus on the following domains: Purpose, Ability, Wellness, Drive, Performance, and Support. Each week, I will host a live-streamed session (that can be watched on-demand any time, if you are unable to attend the live broadcast) that builds your competency on one or more of the aforementioned domains. My overarching purpose is to help each and every one of you to become MultiMillionaires so that you can live your best life as I have.

For Founders Class participants, I am also requiring each participant to commit to a minimum of at least one hour of Silver-Tier (< US$ 5 million revenue) one-on-one Consultation for US$ 150 per calendar month. Throughout 2022, I will match each hour with an hour for Founders Class participants. I am doing this so that everyone puts some “skin in the game,” just as I have to do in order to reach this level of success.

I am incentivizing every aspect for MultiMillionaire in two ways. First, every client will get a MultiMillionaire token (a cryptocurrency riding on the WAVES platform worth approximately US$ 1, reset daily) for every dollar spent on any MultiMillionaire service offering. Additionally, a client will get half of a MultiMillionaire token for every dollar of referred MultiMillionaire services. I will issue the token(s) within twenty-eight calendar days of every transaction. I’ll have videos walking subscribers through how to setup their WAVES-based wallets, issuing sell orders for their tokens, and converting their proceeds into fiat currency.

I have an ongoing list of services MultiMillionaire will be offering, but before I share all of the opportunities, I want to know if you are “IN.”

First, if you are NOT a Google Workspace customer, AND you do NOT have a Gmail account, head over to and get a free Gmail account.

Next, send me an e-mail to Charles@MultiMillionaire.LLC and include your full legal name, your address (preferably business, if you own one), and your telephone number(s).

I will send you a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to read over and sign. After I receive your signed NDA, I will then send over your first invoice (via PayPal – you do NOT need to sign up for a PayPal account) for US$ 160 total… you do not have to pay it in full if you cannot afford to do so. Make payments (at least US$ 10) that you can afford, when you can afford it. I will still work with you (albeit, in a limited capacity) if you cannot afford to pay in full.

Who is ready to reach their greatest potential and live their best life?